• Malte Lindholm Hølledig
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
A virtual reality application utilising biofeedback to assist novice meditators in reaching a deep meditative state, is presented. Using a virtual reality headset, the meditator becomes fully immersed in a virtual forest, with peaceful music and a guided meditation. Biofeedback is based on the user’s brainwaves and is mediated through fog in the virtual forest. Through the biofeedback, the user becomes aware of their own state of mind. The brainwaves are obtained through a brain computer interface device measuring EEG signals.
The system is evaluated on 21 subjects, divided in three groups, each with a different condition. Each subject meditated for five minutes while their heart-rate and brain-waves were monitored. Their meditative depth was measured through a questionnaire.
The test shows no significant difference between the three conditions, but indicates that the participants reached a state of relaxation. The proposed system did not assist the user in reaching a deep meditative state, but virtual reality with biofeedback does have potential to be an entertaining, intriguing and novel approach to meditation.
Publication date31 May 2018
Number of pages103
ID: 280213696