YourStory - A digital platfor for engineers

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Geethendra Sugendra
  • Andreas Rosendal Bang Carlsen
  • Nicolai Vajhøj Karlsen
4. term, Interactive Digital Media, Master (Master Programme)
In our masters thesis, we have collaborated with Frederikshavn Kommune and investigated the problems that are related to an outside municipality. During the meetings with Frederikshavn Kommune, we found out that they have a shortage of qualified labor, despite having a lot of exciting positions. It is especially within the naval and engineers that there is a lack. Their possible bid for why there is so much lack of qualified labors is due to poor communication. They were convinced that they don’t have the right platform to inform engineers about exciting jobs. So this is what they want us to solve.
We found out that the information need wasn't the only problem. Living in the outside municipality itself was a problem.
Our prospectors from Frederikshavn, wanted initially to have the vacancies filled out. But in the long term, they would also like the engineers to move into Frederikshavn, so they could create growth for the city. This gave us the idea of ​​making a website only for engineers, where both jobs and general information about Frederikshavn Kommune could be included. This was just an assumption we had. Initially, we wanted to determine the specific target audience. We found that the removable target group was youngsters between 24-35 year. We were also aware that we should go for the engineers, such as civil engineers from Building and Construction education. In addition we used statistics from Frederikshavn Kommune to determine the target group. After that we interviewed our target audience. They confirmed that the website was the most obvious option. Despite that, we found out what kind informations, such a website should contain. Beside a website, we came up with a new idea based on the respondent's response. They believed that in order to make other engineers more aware of our concept, we could make a commercial movie and use social media for marketing. Therefore, our concept ended in both a website that informs and commercials that expose the message. Our website is based on J. J. Garrett's framework on elements of user experience. In addition, we have also used theories from Forlizzi and Batterbee. In terms of commercials movies, we used storytelling to make a good storyline. Among other things, we used Storytelling's four elements and a narrative model to shape the story. In addition to that, we have created a storyboard where we have visualized our ideas. Despite a storyboard, we also added which cinematic tools, should be used to capture the attention of the viewer.
We believe that a website that meets the criteria and a commercial film that captures the target group's interest can promote the message about the good life in Frederikshavn Kommune
Publication date24 May 2017
External collaboratorFrederikshavn Kommune
Ole Madsen
ID: 258239401