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Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Katrine Rau Ofenstein
  • Signe Melgaard Pedersen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
Currently, Research In Motion (RIM) is providing
international expatriates with a generous relocation
package, assisting the expatriates in the transfer
to their new location. Despite the company’s
support, some employees leave RIM or experience
lower efficiency rates due to the challenges of a
maladjusted family that cannot integrate into their
destination community.
Insights from research suggest that the current lack
of family support leads to family unease, which
leads to unease in the new employee. Accordingly,
the employee is more likely to leave RIM to avoid
this family threat.
By offering social support as well as utilitarian
support, TheMIGroup may decrease the likelihood
of employee turnover due to the employee’s
stress resulting from poorly acclimated employee
families. Additionally, this approach to reducing
employee turnover should be communicated
to RIM by TheMIGroup in order for the
telecommunications company to realize the
implications of poorly-adjusted employee families.
Through a series of research and facilitation
exercises, Melgaard and Ofenstein have designed
the concept service that may combat the threat of
emotional maladjustment for relocating families –
this service would function as a supplement to exist
utilitarian relocation services and products.
Publication date21 May 2012
Number of pages149
ID: 63231011