• Ronisha Shrestha
The study was done among the women corporate leaders from Kathmandu, Nepal to explore the field of corporate leadership and its challenges. The challenges explored were socio-cultural, corporate and organizational. The data were collected using the method of online expert interviews and themes were generated using thematic analysis. The interview questions and analysis were largely based on the four theories originated from North America, Australia and Europe. The theories were Critical mass theory, Old boys’ network, Feminist institutionalism and Time as a resource. The central themes generated from the interviews with the help of thematic analysis were 1. Fewer females in the top positions 2. Networking and mentoring as a crucial factor 3. Difficult to handle dual responsibilities 4. Patriarchy serving as a barrier 5. Institutionalised discrimination and flaws 6. Glamourisation of over time work culture. The findings of these themes were discussed alongside with the relevance of four theories in Nepalese context. The literature review heavily relied on literature from India which was also discussed and compared while analysing the data. The main research question was, “Despite the rise of women participation in the corporate sector of Nepal, what are the challenges faced by women corporate leaders?
Keywords: Corporate leadership, Challenges, Women.
Publication date4 Jan 2021
Number of pages53
ID: 397937411