• Mukul Sanjeev Bagul
4. Semester, Digital Communication Leadership (Erasmus+) (Master Programme)
Hip-Hop is a genre which originated in the Bronx, US and has been one of the top genres. In India, Hip-Hop is relatively very new in India but the growth which is seen over the last few years is tremendous. This growth in Indian Hip-Hop or ‘Desi’ Hip-Hop has been due to two factors which are the two themes in the research throughout- technical and social. The technical side of the research focuses on the role of social media and streaming platforms which are referred to as digital media throughout the research. The social side focuses on the cultural factors and how the audience has been able to accept this new culture so rapidly. The project asks the research question- what are the socio-technical factors that have led to the widespread of Desi Hip-Hop?
To explore this, eight interviews with hip-hop artists and hip-hop content creators were conducted to give insights into what the artists and the audience feels. The interviews were structured based on the two themes mentioned before. The expert’s opinions on impact of digital media, use of digital media, negative effects were documented for the technical theme. Similarly, opinions on uniqueness of Desi Hip-Hop, cultural factors, relatability of the genre and community feeling in Desi Hip-Hop were chosen for the social theme.
The findings from the interviews and literature highlights state that Desi Hip-Hop has been mainly digital. Digital media has enabled various forms of content around Desi Hip-Hop which has fanned the flame of its growth. The number of content creators and artists is increasing, and this has uplifted the scene to another level. Artists need to focus more on the digital media to grow and forms like micro-content has made it easier for artists to instantly promote their songs, albums etc. The negative impacts of this is that the art is being lost along the way as artists are more focused on making content which is trending rather than music.
The audience has also accepted this genre as their social and cultural conditions give them a sense of self-identity as well as community, thus adding value in their lives. Desi Hip-Hop is unique because of the cultural diversity of India and has attracted attention, not only from India but also worldwide. The technical factors have helped artists and audience in accessibility and increasing reach, whereas the social factors have helped in acceptance which in turn has led to widespread of Desi Hip-Hop.
Future endeavors can be taken to explore all the aspects of Hip-Hop culture including B-boying, graffiti art, fashion and clothing.
Publication date2023
ID: 509253764