• Maria Deleuran
  • Louise Christina Studstrup
  • Elisa Diogo de Andrade Silva
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The modernistic development Gellerup in the western part of Aarhus has since its foundation been accompanied by social problems. The area has slowly become an enclos­ed island disconnected to the surrounding urban fabric. But what if there are no problems? What if the issues are caused due to a lack of awareness? What if it is a result of physical and mental edges in the city? Current regeneration of Gellerup is focusing on the embedded potentials transforming the area into a vibrant urban life by mixing functions, but in its strong local focus, it has a tendency to lose sight of the wider urban context. The aim of the thesis is to develop a design strategy bridging the edges disconnecting Gellerup from the larger context. The project is examining a section of the contemporary Aarhus including Aarhus C, Åbyhøj and Gellerup. It is a strategy strongly inspired by the architectural power to brand that works with three concepts of time; the permanent interventions, the temporary installations and events. The strategy consists of four layers; time, physical connections, branding and urban catalysts that together approach mental and physical issues in the examined section. The edges are bridged by introducing a permanent path for pedestrians and cyclists running through Åbyhøj, temporary installations in Aarhus C branding the qualities of Gellerup and Åbyhøj, and events along the section creating experiences and identities.
Publication date18 May 2017
ID: 257747507