• Mostaan Hashemi
4. term, Transport Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
In this study the PC-software Dankap, developed by The Danish Road Directorate to estimate the capacity and level of service for roads, is evaluated. The primary goal of the study is to analyse and compare Dankap's method of calculation for traffic capacity to a ground truth for a signalized intersection. An intersection in Aalborg was chosen for the analysis. Video observations of the intersection was used to measure the current traffic volumes, delays, and queue lengths to establish the ground truth. Then Dankap was used to calculate the traffic capacity of the intersection based on the observed traffic volume. These calculations and the ground truth were then compared to evaluate the usability of Dankap.

The result of the analysis showed that Dankap deviates from ground truth. Dankap overestimats the queue length and delay when the traffic intensity is high, the value of B greater then 1. Furthermore the results show that the queue length in Dankap is dependent on traffic intensity and capacity. The value of delay in Dankap is dependent on the value of t_{2}
, which makes a bigger part of the delay value when the traffic intensity is high.
Publication date2014
ID: 205825794