• Christoffer Kriegbaum Madsen
  • Rune Lilliedal Madsen
This master thesis deal with environmental assessment of local plans and how
the municipality(authority) assesses whether something has a significant impact
on the environment. This is presented in the master thesis in two parts: Part I,
The Problem Analysis and Part II, TheMain Analysis.
The Problem Analysis is starting from the experience with the EIA-Directive
and it is examined whether these also apply to the implementation of the SEADirective
with regard to the delimitation of the environmental report. The directives
have been implemented in the danish Environmental Assessment Law and it
is examined with reference to this how the municipalities delimit the content of
the of the environmental report including which challenges and weaknesses there

The Main Analysis examines when the requirements for the environmental assessment
are meet. This includes how the screening procedure and the impact
significance determination can contribute to a more similar method for when
the requirements for environmental assessment is meet after screening according
to the Environmental Assessment Law, Article 8.2. The study results in a
number of recommendations that must contribute to a similar basis for the assessment
prior to the screening decision cf. the Environmental Assessment Law,
Article 10.
Publication date24 Jun 2019
Number of pages121
External collaboratorAarhus Kommune
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