• Rasmus Albin Rolfsen
  • Kiril Yuliyanov Kolev
  • Thorsten Bausbek Nielsen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis project is a collaboration
project with Grundfos where
a VR game was developed in order
to investigate "How does a VR experience,
using persuasive technology, fare
against more traditional material, in
terms of its effect on spreading awareness
regarding water consumption". In
order to design the implementation,
various existing work was investigated
in order to create an immersive and engaging
experience. The implementation
was compared to more traditional
material in an evaluation regarding:
spreading awareness, intrinsic motivation.
An system usability scale and VR
sickness questionnaire was also used
to evaluate the VR experience. It was
concluded that the VR experience was
capable of spreading awareness, but
that it did not significantly outperform
the traditional material.
Publication date29 May 2018
Number of pages123
External collaboratorGrundfos DK AS
Lead Digital Transformation Consultant - Business Support Guilla Ridgewell gridgewell@grundfos.com
ID: 280019325