• Teodor Hristov Dimitriev
  • Theodor Florian Purcaru
3. term, Computer Science (IT), Master (Master Programme)
Saxophone learning is a time-consuming activity requiring the user to multi-task from the very beginning and has multiple barriers of entry making it rather inaccessible without the proper guidance and support. Using a haptic interface in the form of a glove, we want to open up this instrument to beginners, by making it more accessible to have a “guiding hand” throughout the beginning of the learning process. Our attempt here is to gather an understanding of the problems affecting the saxophone community and try to use that feedback to design a haptic interface which would enhance the connection between a teacher and student, allowing for an easier time to understand while also focusing on allowing students to repeat patterns to practice their finger positions and actually play the instrument without having to multitask, shifting their attention between playing the notes, reading them and properly following the articulations required for each of them in turn.
Publication date5 Jan 2021
Number of pages78
ID: 398122998