Virtual Acoustics and Singing in 6DoF VR

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Aili Niimura
4. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
Virtual acoustics are valuable for many reasons; sharing and inhabiting an acoustic space is important to feeling a sense of presence, especially in virtual social contexts. The acoustics of a space are also valuable to a musical performance and performer. In order to investigate sensing one's own voice in a virtual acoustic space, and, since the nature and context of singing presents different challenges than other vocal patterns such as speech, this work addresses the impact of virtual acoustics on amateur solo singers in VR. In this process, we looked at approaches for designing low-latency virtual acoustic processing and implemented an experiment for singers to sing in a VR environment in real-time. We tested the enjoyment and preferences of 16 singers in 16 different acoustic positions. The results showed that dynamic acoustic processing was more enjoyable for singers and the singers' confidence was affected by the virtual acoustics. In addition, the participants indicated the desire to mix different kinds of acoustic processing within a single virtual environment and to customize these properties within the environment itself. These results have implications on virtual acoustics in the context of music performances in social VR as well as embodiment, presence, immersion and expression in other shared virtual environments, such as meetings. Through improvements in virtual acoustics, we hope that all performers and individuals will have a richer communication experience.
Publication date20 Dec 2021
Number of pages65
External collaboratorBang & Olufsen A/S
Neo Kaplanis
ID: 456359923