• Jonas Bonde Jensen
4. term, Public Administration and Social Science (Master Programme)
The Institute of Political Science at University of Aalborg works with a declared goal of evaluating the de-gree to which their student body works collaboratively in groups during projects on each semester. This goal is strategized in the University’s work with Problem Based Learning. In common it’s referred to as the Aalborg-model; at the University of Aalborg that is. The administration on Public Administration and Social Science, which are degrees at the aforementioned institute, make a concerted effort to make students work in groups. Though this study doesn’t search to determine the administration’s motives, the benefits of a student body collaborating and working in groups are clear; qua the setup of counselling, assignments and workload the administration have clear budgetcontrolling benefits in this regard. The administration sent out a project proposal prior to this study; in it the administration called out to students to help solve the enigma of a more succesfull comprehension of students’ willingness to participate in groups during projects. For the sake of having a grounded starting point from where to work with the different motions of the study I’ve set up a research question; it is as follows:
Hvilke behov motiverer de studerendes tilvalg og fravalg af gruppearbejde og hvad kan AAU gøre for at motivere de studerende til i højere grad at indgå i grupper?
Building the groundwork for this work I chose a survey of the student body through the last five years; surveying the students help to get an understanding of what needs they have and their judgement of the status quo. Discussions of their recollection skills and the framing of such questions is prevalent in the ascribed chapter. Getting a grip of which elements of the students’ consciousness are relevant I’ve inter-viewed a student who finished a bachelor degree in Public Administration. This makes it for the method-ology in this study. The data is analyzed through a theoretical lense to conclude a list of recommendations to the administration on the basis of the students needs. Working with selfdetermination theory and realistic evaluation this study sets out to determine motivational factors amongst these students in their assessment of working in groups. Through realistic evaluation I set up a framework in which to under-stand the processes of the students’ understanding of their environment and the needs which are in play. With this framework in place, selfdetermination theory is used to assess these processes and needs. This work is done primarily through connecting the students’ need for competence, autonomy and relat-edness with the needs of the students. Thus using the self determination theory in assessing the stu-dents’ needs which are to be met for a higher degree of group work in the student body. Through this connection I form the recommendations which are the resulting conclusion.

Publication date5 Jul 2017
Number of pages177,655
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