• Natasja Øhrgaard Kristensen
  • Lise Christiansen
4. term, Public Health, Master (Master Programme)
Title: Refinement of the “More2Eat”-model at Aalborg University Hospital.
Background: Being at nutritional risk during hospitalization can be associated with individual and socioeconomic consequences, but can be acceded to by implementing good nutritional practice. At Aalborg University Hospital a nutrition program, the “More2Eat”-model, has been implemented, but the model has yet not managed to improve good nutritional practices to a sufficient extent.
Aim: To investigate perceived barriers and facilitators associated with nutritional practice, and to use this knowledge to develop recommendations for change in regards to further development of the “More2Eat”-model, so that implementation of good nutritional practice can improve at Aalborg University Hospital.
Method: To answer the research question and the associated research questions a systematic literature study and qualitative interviews are carried out. Based on these two methods, two individual analyzes are carried out. The analyzed data is then synthesized, followed by another analysis and an interpretation, with application of self-determination theory and Edgar Schein ́s theory of organizational culture. Finally the results are discussed in relation to the current “More2Eat”-model, from which the recommendations for change emanate. Philosophical hermeneutics is chosen as the theoretical framework.
Results: On the basis of the used methods the following five recommendations for change have been developed: Greater openness regarding differences in the health care staff ́s individual skills, Management should motivate the health care staff to participate in the hospital wards nutrition teams, Fixed plan for how the health care staff should prioritize when busy, Focus on one thing at a time and finally Fixed topics for dialogue with the hospital wards nutrition teams.
Conclusion: Based on the recommendations for change it appears that management is of great importance for the implementation of good nutritional practice. Therefore the “More2Eat”- model must incorporate management to a greater extent as an essential factor in the further development of the model.
Publication date1 Jun 2023
Number of pages117
ID: 532383685