• João Antonio Basso Rezende Møller
4. term, Sustaianable Cities, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis is a study on Zero Waste Co-Lab, a project between two Brazilian universities, a Danish University (Aalborg University) and the waste management authority on Bornholm, BOFA. The main objective of this thesis is to understand how the partners from different countries can share knowledge between both countries or even create new knowledge together. The author of this thesis was part of most of the first year of the Zero Waste Co-Lab project, collecting data by participating and organizing all activities and meetings, doing interviews with the partners, evaluating the participants of said activities and analyzing the results.
The analysis and discussion in this master thesis shows that all initial success criteria from the Co-Laborators can be achieved with collaboration of the partners. For that to happen the partners have to work towards the same goal and specific themes, those are delivered on this thesis as well. The two approaches to better create and share knowledge, based on the Zero Waste Co-Lab project, are networking with local stakeholders and collaborating with students.
Publication date17 Oct 2022
Number of pages57
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