• Karen Fentz Østergaard
  • Trine Lindskov
This thesis deals with the problems surrounding the protection of road access rights. The thesis seeks to identify and analyze aspects that surround and may have impact on the protection of road access rights. Firstly it is investigated how the rights are constituted. This investigation is followed by an analysis of the various forms of protection. Subsequently it is investigated how rights, which already are constituted and protected, later on nonetheless, can change or even, disappear. The analyses finally form the basis of an assessment and analysis of the resilience of the rights. The final analysis is concentrated upon rulings that consider and contains aspects of protection of road access rights, thereby the practical extent of the protection forms are investigated. With inclusion of jurisprudence and the preliminary analyses, it is possible to determine the individual influence of the protection forms on the steadfastness of the rights. The thesis thereby contains a thorough study of what the protection of road access rights in reality means, including the impact that the protection form has on the actual extent of protection.
Publication date25 Jun 2013
Number of pages108
ID: 77437841