• Jonas Philippon Hammer
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
Today, tourism has become a crucial factor in urban economies and is necesarry for certain towns to survive. While tourism is a positive result of the growing economy and the social standing of the world’s population, it also has a great impact on the specific towns. Tourism is often defined as the means to an end by the locals, but why should tourism and local life be two seperate thing - one essential for the other to exist? This paper aims to represent the entire process of redesigning Strandhotellet at Vejers Strand, Denmark to improve both the tourism and the local life of the residents. The paper displays a design favoring the locals and the local life to create a place where tourists becomes a temporapart of the town, contrary to merely observe the residents. The final design features a mixed programme with a communal kitchen, workshop area, community hall, visitor centre, exhibition area, accomodation and flexible outdoor area. The new community centre focuses on improving the natural environment and allows for a new experience of the West Coast for the visitors.
Publication date9 Oct 2019
Number of pages229
ID: 312204416