• Andreas Hodal
  • Jesper Nielsen
The so-called “værditabsordning” - loss of value scheme - ensures that property owners who become neighbors of wind turbines can be compensated for loss of value on their property. The scheme complements the ordinary neighboring law and constitutes a special field of environmental law. According to the Renewable Energy Act (VE-loven) the scheme shall support the promotion of renewable energy in Denmark. It is somewhat uncertain if this goal is achieved.. This thesis concludes that the effect of the værditabsordning among the neighbors of wind turbines is somewhat questionable. The compensation awards are among the neighbors considered to be quite inadequate and there is some discrepancy between the purpose and the neighbors' perception of this. This thesis indicates a change in the procedure with regard to værditabsordningen in order to ensure an understanding of the valuation authority function. The thesis also contains a possible form for supplementary information to inhabitants in the close vicinity of new wind turbines. Information should help to raise awareness about the function and the purpose of the loss of value scheme and thus raise the satisfaction among the affected neighbors.
Publication date7 Jun 2012
Number of pages97
ID: 63621549