• Stephie Anne Dürr Jakobsen
  • Amalie Maindal Nielsen
4. term, Experience Design, Master (Master Programme)
How do you measure the value of experiences? When evaluating on experiences, cultural institutions often focus on the quantitative data, such as: How many people attended? Did we meet the financials goals of our events? But how to measure the value that people experience during an event, seems more complex to grasp. At Dokk1, the main library in Aarhus, they only evaluate events based on attendance. After the corona pandemic, this evaluation form seemed irrelevant, since the authorities suddenly regulated the allowed number of attendees at cultural events. Dokk1 therefore started a process of developing a new evaluation approach, but due to the restrictions for the past two year, they still haven’t found the right solution. Based on this we saw an opportunity to develop a new evaluation method with a qualitative focus on value. After exploring existing methods of value evaluation for cultural events, we found that they all had relevant elements, but none of them fulfilled the needs of Dokk1. Based on interviews and walk-alongs we confirmed the need for measuring the value of their events. This data collection also helped us form the success criteria for the method and identifying the specific values the method should evaluate on. To develop our method, we followed the steps of a design sprint and as a result we developed two methods for Dokk1: One which focuses on the employees’ observations, an another which is solely based on inputs from the guests and their perception of value experienced during the events. Both methods were tested and showed especially useful in creating reflection upon experience value and managed to measure and express the value experienced at Dokk1s events. This is our contribution to a new method for measuring the value of experiences. However, the method would need further work before being implemented at Dokk1.
Publication date1 Jun 2022
Number of pages90
External collaboratorDokk1
Britta Hedegaard Christensen bhc@aarhus.dk
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