• Simon Emil Reumert Refn
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
Throughout the past decade or so, universities have increased their interest in supporting their students’ entrepreneurial ideas. In this context, it has become common for universities around the world to create startup incubators. These incubators have various programs that support students when they want to bring their business ideas to life.
The Copenhagen campus of Aalborg University is in the process of creating an incubator that supports student-driven entrepreneurial projects. Currently, this incubator is operating in a way where twice a year, a group of students are enrolled in the program. However, since it is in its infancy stage, some of the processes of this incubator still need to be defined and optimized.

The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current user journey that the students go through while interacting with the incubator and then to optimize this journey by using service design tools and methods. From a more theoretical perspective, the thesis intends to explore a methodology that can potentially be replicated in other contexts.
Publication date19 Dec 2019
Number of pages77
ID: 317719219