• Christine Michala Juul Brasch
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis provides a suggestion of how service design as practice can be used in the public sector to enhance collaboration between primary schools and local communities. The project has been executed in collaborations with the municipality of Copenhagen's "Innovationshuset".

The thesis revolves around a case study on a public 10th grade school (Ø10) addressing a problem of local residents complaining about the students’ behaviour in the public spaces of the community. The research showed that a meeting between the students and locals was needed in order to break down prejudice and unrealistic expectations towards one another. An investigation of the teachers and students needs pointed towards an inclusion of more practical projects in the teaching and especially the subjects of craft and constructions were highly desired. In the perspectives of this insight it was found that primary schools as a part of the primary school law are subjects to a requirement of collaborating with the local community, which through skoletjenesten.dk already provides them with offers on educational collaboration. However a lack of local offers and offers within the craft and construction areas caused that the school did not fulfil their needs.
Thus, this thesis has been exploring how service design can be used to enhance collaboration between primary schools and locally based learning environments. The design process has revolved around 3 areas of research and involved several iterations of scoping the challenge, in-depth user research and development of a new service concept suggesting a new organization of actors in a collaborative system and a platform to support the collaborations.

Last section of the thesis reflects upon and discuss the role and tasks of the service designer according to the value-creation process in three research areas.
Publication date30 Aug 2018
Number of pages250
External collaboratorInnovationshuset
Service Designer Sidsel Christel Bach ex1c@okf.kk.dk
ID: 286032756