• Niclas Nerup Rant
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In this project, genetic algorithms (GA) are combined with parametric building facade design and daylight optimization systems to create different atmospheres. The parametric design will dictate how sunlight is transmitted into a room and the end will influence how a room is perceived. In this project 3 parametric designs are implemented in Rhino and Grasshopper and the daylight measurements are done through Ladybug and Honeybee using lux measurement. In this project a total of 3 test scenarios was conducted in order to determine whether this method would be effective in creating different lightning scenarios. In general, the evaluation shows that this method is useful in terms of creating different lightning scenarios that will impact how a room is perceived. However, to fully confirm the capabilities of this method in terms of creating different atmospheres further research is needed.
SpecialisationComputer Graphics
Publication date28 May 2019
Number of pages44
ID: 304599434