• Christian Monrad Nielsen
  • Michael Overgaard
  • Michael Bach Pedersen
  • Sigge Stenild
4. term (INF10 - Master Thesis), Informatics, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis investigates if any
applicable methods for evaluating mobile
systems exist, and how feedback to the
designers of the system can be provided.
This is done by conducting a literature
review of past research within the area
of Human-Computer Interaction with focus
on user-based usability evaluations. The
study provides an overview of tendencies
in this area, and the results from the
study are utilized in the design and con-
duction of two usability evaluations; one
in a laboratory and the other one in field
settings. The purpose of these evaluations
is to investigate how, and in which set-
tings, evaluations of a mobile system can
be conducted. Two usability reports, docu-
menting the usability problems identified
in the respective evaluations, are used as
a foundation for providing feedback to the
designers of the mobile system. The result
of the thesis is a presentation of an ap-
plied method for evaluating mobile systems,
and insight into how usability reports can
be used as a mean for providing feedback
to designers.
Publication dateJun 2004
ID: 61061080