• Marianne Roed Abrahamsen
4. term, European Studies, Master (Master Programme)
Migration from smaller to bigger towns is a trend in Greenland. As a case of urbanization, recent development has shown an increasing tendency of migration to Nuuk from other towns in Greenland. In literature, urbanization in Greenland has been described as being caused by both political, social, economic and historical factors. A literature review of the topic shows that not many research studies on urbanization have included qualitative interview studies on the subjective motivations of people who are moving. In this thesis, it has been deemed important to further investigate urbanization in the form of a qualitative study, as it is arguably possible to derive new knowledge of the reasons why people have migrated. With an interview study of people’s motivations for migrating, the aim of this thesis is to add a qualitative perspective to the topic of urbanization in Greenland.
Publication date31 May 2019
Number of pages120
External collaboratorArctic Consensus
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Urbanization in Greenland
Urbanisering i Grønland
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