Urban Liveability Enhancement: A study on reclaiming car space

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Janne Juliana Goos
  • Simon Torp Agersnap
  • Freek Alfons Hendrik van den Ende
Urban liveability issues have become more and more pressing in recent years and in 2015 made their way onto the global political agenda. Car dependency is one of the things that puts great pressure on liveability. In order to explore the interplay between liveability and car dependency and create a tool that Danish municipalities can use to reclaim space from the car, this study investigates the concept of liveability, drivers for car use, the induction of behavioural change, Danish transport habits, global liveability frameworks, design determinants of liveable urban space and best practices regarding reclaiming space from the car. An inspirational planning tool aimed at municipal urban planners is created within this thesis. The necessary information for analysis was mainly gathered through the use of literature review, case studies and interviews with municipal planners. The most important elements of the created planning tool are:

-A reading guide
-An operational liveability definition
-Overall design considerations for urban liveability
-Theory on behavioural change
-Theory on the relation between active mobility and public health.
-The lessons learned from cases
-Barriers to change and supporting factors for initiatives

Publication date4 Jun 2020
Number of pages109
External collaboratorRanders Kommune
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