Urban Climate Adaption with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Andreas Kvist Fredberg
  • Magnus Hvarregaard Pedersen
In order to handle climate problems and to develop climate-adapted cities, requirements to establish solutions for sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) are existing when new projects or renovation of existing ones are conducted. SUDS solutions handle rainwater as close to the source as possible and they can include soaking, delaying, evaporating, transporting or recycling of rainwater.
More extreme rainfall events in the future will cause more frequently flooding in urban areas, which SUDS solutions can reduce. SUDS also support and strengthen the development of blue and green cities, which furthermore increases the recreational value of an area.

This report deals with the design of Danish SUDS systems in relation to the hydraulic loads, for which a screening tool has been developed to assess the infiltration potential of new SUDS solutions. Furthermore, the report focuses on the chemical load to which the recommendations for a filter media are presented, which efficiently treat the surface water of pollutants. In relation to the hydraulic modelling a new design tool has been developed. The tool uses historical rain data, in which it is possible to connect multiple SUDS systems in series. Finally, a guidance how to design new SUDS system is presented in order to design solutions that handle the chemicals and hydraulic loads.
Publication date2020
Number of pages103
External collaboratorNIRAS A/S
Civilingeniør Anders Badsberg Larsen abl@niras.dk
ID: 333866398