• Mette Vallentin Pedersen
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
This paper contributes to the understanding of the serious volunteer work, its similarities in festivals in Denmark, the volunteer’s potential within this grey zone of public – private partnerships and how this social capital can contribute to further tourism development. This thesis research is based on the participation model MOA and the evaluation model FEET with the elaboration of framework based on the conceptual model of festivals and the development of social capital.
The results show, with more investment in loyalty and hospitality mindset generating of own core volunteers, more visitor’s satisfaction, social capital and possibilities for further tourism development will be achievable. The results of the social capital also show the potential use of these volunteers in other tourism events if the collaboration is made possible between professionals, volunteer’s arts culture and policymakers.
Even though the 3 cases are very different, they cannot be taken as a random sample of all festivals in Denmark. In the papers section on methodology highlights of issues that specifically indicate that there is a descriptive and thus generalizable range of examples of volunteer work at festivals in Denmark. The analyses serve as illustration of the size of the potential possibilities of development of tourism. Despite these methodological reservations the analyses with a theoretical and empirical understanding of the magnitude the social capital of the volunteers consist of gives a clear indication for further tourism research and development in this area.
Publication date30 Nov 2015
Number of pages68
ID: 223043082