• Mette Elsborg
  • Louise Gram
Mental health disorders pose a major concern worldwide. Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, and though there already exists well-established treatment programs with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) being the golden standard, there is room for improvement. Sensor technology provides the opportunity to measure anxiety as it happens, which can help patients understand when their anxiety happens and potentially what causes it. There is however a lack of research on how the use of such sensor technology is experienced by the intended user group. In this project we conducted a longitudinal field study with four participants to understand how anxiety patients experience the use of a GSR sensor for measuring their anxiety and by using the GSR data as cues in a Cued Recall Debrief method setting. Furthermore, we conducted interviews with psychiatrists to learn their thoughts on the use of such technology in treatment. The three main results indicated that the system could be used for recalling anxiety episodes, confirming episodes and disconfirming episodes. We also propose a design of a mobile application to replace the corresponding desktop application to the GSR sensor used in the field study to make it more accessible, mobile and personal.
Publication date2019
Number of pages77
ID: 304894398