• Steffen Hedegaard Sørensen
  • Cecilie Kamp
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This study explored the game experience and engagement in a collaborataive, co-located
augmented reality game, producet for Væbnermesterskabet 2019. The game was developed
through an iterative process, where the requirements to the system were investigated
and defined through context of use investigations. A prototype was then devoloped through
iterations and user evaluations. At the event Væbnermesterskabet 2019, 183 teams tried the
game and 642 questionnaire answers were collected. The study showed that gender affects
the feeling of competence, and the age affects the reported levels of tiredness and behavioural
involvement. The final version of the game was compared to the previous version of the
game, which showed that the participants reported less tension/annoyance, challenge, negative
experience and psychological involvement - negative feelings.
Publication date10 Mar 2019
Number of pages72
ID: 305540284