• Jeppe Sørensen
4. term, Acoustics and Audio Technology, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this project has been to
find a method to collect reverberation
measurements from different dwellings,
performed by the resident of the dwelling
using equipment available in a normal
Danish household.
The equipment for performing the reverberation
measurement has been chosen
to be a smartphone unit or tablet. Where
the inbuilt microphone and loudspeaker is
used as a recording device and sound
In the making for the measurement
method, there have been conducted investigations
for both the inbuilt microphone
and the inbuilt loudspeaker for different
smartphones and tablets. These investigations
include measurements of frequency
response and measurements of
the dynamic range.
Lastly in the project, the measurement
method has been tried out on a small
group of people, where the results of the
collected measurements show that the
method works to a certain degree.
Publication dateJun 2021
Number of pages131
ID: 413529779