• Jane Kolding Pedersen
  • Winnie Hedegaard Damgaard-Iversen
This master in vulnerable children and young people examines the decision-making process of eight
pedagoges and childcare nurses when they consider a possible referral. It concludes that the process of
decision-making is influenced by a complicated set of factors. Signs regarding the child, the family and its
context transforms into concerns that are also felt by the professional as a bodily sensation upon which
decisions are made. Furthermore, the organizational context, the attitudes of the professional and external
factors also influence the decision-making and sometimes work as barriers that postpone or prevent a
referral. Three general decision-making systems are identified among the participants:
1. “Here and now” – the decision to refer is taken instantly
2. “should or shouldn’t” – a decision to refer is postponed with an intention of taking a more
qualified decision in the near future.
3. “Wait and see” – in which it is decided not to make a referral for the time being, and with no
intention of making a referral later, unless new worrisome signs can be identified.
Publication date29 Jun 2020
Number of pages44
ID: 335404165