development of the X-lab through user involvement

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Linda Larsen
This project's main theme is further development of the X-lab – design, learning, innovation (X-lab) at Aalborg University. The main reasoning for this survey is the need to investigate how the X-lab can be further developed to meet user expectations. This survey examines students on the master’s program; IT, learning and organizational change, and their course in the X-lab. For the preparation of this project a mixed method of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies has been applied. The applied theory of science in the project is phenomenological, where multiple choice questions are used in combination with open qualitative questions in two questionnaires. The two questionnaires are conducted before and after the course in the X-lab. The answers to the questionnaires are supported by observations of the students through their teaching courses in the X-lab and their general teaching room ILOOlab.

The project's study shows that the students do not feel adequately informed about how and why the X-lab is involved in their learning course. The students have a positive attitude towards working in the X-lab. In particular, the round tables are considered enabling in relation to group work. The students feel that the bright and open surroundings in the X-lab and the tools available, contribute to an increase in inspiration and innovation.

To develop the X-lab further, thus meeting the student’s expectations, it is necessary to create a clear link between the given course and activities in the X-lab. Furthermore, it is necessary for the person planning the course to clarify which tools in the X-lab are relevant for the given course and ensure that these tools are available along with instructions on how to use them. In addition to this the course can benefit from having the instructor present in the X-lab to facilitate the learning activities. Thus with a clear link between the course and the activities, introduction to tools and an instructor who is available and able to facilitate the course in X-lab, students can work creatively through courses that take place in the X-lab. Additionally, the students express that they are not aware of the X-lab and its possibilities before the start of their course. Therefore, it may be relevant to develop advertising campaigns to promote the X-Lab and create awareness about the lab.
Publication date16 Jun 2017
Number of pages60
ID: 258531728