• Magnus Lønstrup Weber
  • Jeppe Haals Christensen
  • Nikolai Hedegaard Kristensen
4. term, Electro-Mechanical System Design, Master (Master Programme)
culties of determining the parameters of
a drive system with an inverter, an LC-
filter and a motor.
A laboratory setup is established with
magnetsynchronousmotor. Thelabora-
tory setup is investigated and computer
models are developed for simulation.
An automatic parameter identification
method is designed for a stand alone
solution. The method contains system
excitation with pulse width modulation,
based on a sequence of random binary
numbers, frequency response estima-
ting with an optimization algorithm.
pose of this project. The hardware is
designed for control of an inverter and
sampling of signals where high preci-
sion, high bandwidth, and noise mitiga-
tion is key. The designed hardware is
manufactured in the laboratory.
The parameter identification method
is tested with the simulated system to
evaluate the method’s performance. Fi-
nally the method is used to determine
the parameters of the laboratory setup.
The parameter identification method
is concluded successful in identifying
the parameters of the laboratory setup.
Publication date3 Jun 2015
Number of pages156


ID: 213554514