• Stine Vestergaard Laursen
  • Signe Snapholt
  • Barbara Jónsdóttir
4. term, Experience Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis aims to design a concept for Holstebro Museum that can convey enlightenment
and experience at the cultural‐historical site, Tvis Kloster, using digital technology.
We have conducted a qualitative field study and analysis of the current communication.
Subsequently, we have based our work on existing research in the field of self‐service
museum communication in nature, user and expert interviews, and state‐of‐the‐art cases. It
has also given rise to investigate which technologies have the potential to convey
information and experience in an outdoor context.
We facilitated a creativity workshop to generate ideas for a concept. The selected ideas led
to further development with a focus on meeting our design criteria based on insights from
the investigation phase.
The concept has been developed with Pervasive Games as a framework and incorporates
elements from treasure hunts by using checkpoints in the landscape at Tvis Kloster. Thus,
the concept consists of five sub‐concepts in the form of checkpoints that aim to motivate
visitors to experience the entire cultural‐historical area of Tvis Kloster. Sound and AR
technology enables a hybrid space where the records represent the cultural history of Tvis
Kloster in different interesting ways. The intention is that the overall concept will lead the
visitor through a process where sensations, arousal levels, and moods that can convey
enlightenment and experience at Tvis Kloster, whereby learning can occur. The concept is
designed based on Tvis Kloster as an exemplary case and can result in general
recommendations for how Holstebro Museum and others can adapt the concept based on a
specific context.
The thesis has the potential to contribute to further research into outdoor, self‐service
museum communication with its perspectives on and understanding of how a museum visit
can be extended to communication in nature using a digital experience design.
Allowing the visitor to orient themselves towards nature can lead to new realizations in
understanding and relation, which has the potential to develop a sense of responsibility and
care for nature, as well as a focus on the participant's health. Thus, an outdoor museum
experience has additional potential to meet current issues such as climate crisis and stress.
Publication date1 Jun 2023
Number of pages174
External collaboratorHolstebro Museum
Museumsinspektør Sara Hai Abildtrup sara.abildtrup@holstebro-museum.dk
ID: 532488501