• Mikkel Laursen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
Procedural content generation for games has segmented itself as an efficient and powerful method of authoring game content. In this project, we attempt to create a development tool for a physics-based path-building puzzle game based on the domino effect. The tool combines procedural generation with the quality of hand-designed game content. The project explores a generation flow that combines state of the art game development tools, procedural puzzle generation methods, and graph theory to create a generation tool that divides the generation process into three stages: Level generation, puzzle generation & puzzle evaluation, at each stage in the generation process the designer can make non-destructive modifications from which the generation process can be continued. Although no evaluation was conducted the generation process of the tool can still be regarded as a success as it reduces development time and the resulting quality significantly
Publication date2021
Number of pages56
External collaboratorTruemax Copenhagen Academy
Victor Skarbye v.skarbye@gmail.com
ID: 413065694