• Charlotte Crockett Jørgensen
Since the 1970’s there have, in some shape or form, been social housing initiatives present in the context of danish public housing. The constructs of the social housing initiatives have been varied and thereby the standard of the different initiatives has also been varied. This changed in 1994 due to the Government City committee that was initiated in order to overcome the economic, physical and social difficulties that the public housing sector faces. Thereby, the social housing initiatives became a matter of public concern and the problems facing the social housing sector is to this day a dividing political issue. The public housing sector is now facing cuts in its financing and therefore it has become even more relevant to define which initiatives help the housing areas become succesful, and are therefore worth investing funds into. In an attempt to understand the underlying issues the social housing initiatives have faced, as well as their influence on the housing areas, this study examines the housing estate “Folehaven” in Valby, and the initiatives implemented here in regards to education and employment targeting 15-19 year old residents. Through interviews with the young initiative participants and relevant experts in the field I aim to investigate what it means to the 15-29 year olds to participate in the initiatives. What significance it has for the housing estate, that these types of initiatives are happening. Furthermore, how the fact that the initiatives are available at a local level, within the housing state itself, impacts the way the initiatives are perceived. Finally, a discussion is provided of the possible implications the reduction of funding, provided to the social housing initiatives, will have on the social housing areas going forward. The findings of this thesis conclude that the education and employment initiatives targeted at the young residents have a positive impact on both the young people themselves as well as contributing to the prosperity of the community of Folehaven itself. Furthermore, the local placement of the initiative is found to be a key component of its success.

Publication date16 Apr 2020
Number of pages68
ID: 409451451