TVR - Transform the Void of the River: Transform the Void of the River

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Cristina-Roxana Lazar
  • Giampaolo Costantini
  • Irina-Teodora Comãnitã
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The project is located in Italy, in Rome, along the Tiber
River and some of the basic requirements are given by
the on-going competition ‘Rome 2017’ held by Eleven
The project deals with the proposal of an aesthetic
and functional design of a particular section of the space
along the river, of approximately 100 ha, including the
river area. As the site area is located in the proximity of
the city centre and expands south towards it, Tiber River
is perceived in some cases as being a barrier which
cuts the city in two. The site is characterized by diverse
functional features, an active landscape and a sensitive
relation with the users.
The proposal emphasizes the relation between the people
transiting the area, the Tiber itself, the nature within
the site , the area’s accessibility internally and externally
and the connection between contemporary interventions
and Rome, ‘the eternal city’. Also, the evolution of the
site area is seen as being dependent on succesful design
interventions, as they might catalyze possible further developments.
Basically, a solid topic of the project is whether the
riversides should embrace interventions which will encourage
either evolution, revolution or conservation. The
present situation refers to an unused space along a river
which once was one of the main characters of Rome
and has over time evolved into a neglected and unwelcoming
area. Essentially, the purpose of the project is to
create flexible spaces, whose functional characteristics
coexist with the surroundings and enhance human interaction
within the site.
Furthermore, the existent area is perimetred by the
water retention wall, which sets a big gap between the
city level and the river level, constituting another mental
obstacle for the users.
Publication date17 May 2017
Number of pages203


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