Trip Trap year 2010

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Martin Pedersen
  • Jacob Christensen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
The furniture company Trip Trap Denmark is a well-reputed company mainly on the Danish market for furniture and housing goods. They are especially well-known for the traditional line of outdoor furniture. Trip Trap is founded on the core values of quality, tradition and maritime history. Today Trip Trap has organized their product portfolio into three main product categories; Outdoor furniture, Indoor furniture and housing goods. The main problematic within the organization of the company is, that the product category called Indoor furniture doesn’t sell enough products. Trip Trap wants to bring this product category to a higher level of success. This is where the study-project has its take-off. This project creates a new growth platform for Trip Trap Indoor. This platform consists of a set of guidelines for a new marketing approach and a new product line for Trip Trap Indoor. The guidelines for the marketing approach consist of a changed tone concerning the visual material and image-creating advertisement marketing material. The changed tone is to differ from the overall Trip Trap style of marketing, and leave Trip Trap Indoor with a more unique identity.The new product line is to define and concretize the new growth platform for Trip Trap Indoor. A creation of a new dining chair, which represents the product line, will be developed on behalf of the set of values that describes the changed Trip Trap Indoor. This product will be developed on both an aesthetic and a technical level. Furthermore will the constructional aspect concerning the dining chair be discussed, and a proposal for at constructional solution will be suggested.
Publication date2008
Number of pages166
Publishing institutionArkitektur & Design
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