• Matthias Aurelian
4. term, Interactive Digital Media, Master (Master Programme)
This master’s thesis examined the field of narratives told across multiple media platforms, represented as transmedia storytelling. The purpose of the thesis was to categorize possible forms and levels of transmedia storytelling that could be used in a fundamental way to operationalize a design and production management basis upon. This was done with the aim of creating a theoretical basis in terms of operationalizing theories and theoretical based methods in order to makes it possible to facilitate a foundation for applying production management in context of existing and future forms of transmedia storytelling. This in a media world characterized by converging media platforms and the constant upcoming of new genres and media constellations. Therefore the thesis proposed a set of central terms and related theories that made the way by the means of a clarification of concepts. A clarification of concepts that made a comprehension of a set of possible conceptual- and design oriented views on the construction of stories unfolded on various types of media platforms, products and structures, with varying media modalities, user engagement, level of interaction and different views on the involvement of stories. This Included different types of referential categories to operate within.
The outcome of the thesis was a set of central usable terms that constituted a conceptual framework for applying further theory of investigation in terms of specific narratives (and narrative theory), business models, transmedia construction models and further analysis of existing transmedia productions across communicative fields.
With a frame of experience design and economy theory, the thesis sat a framework for the involved terms of transmedia storytelling in a holistic inclusive manner. This was a perspective that made a foundation for localization of central aspects of transmedia storytelling, depending on specific academic and or constructive conceptual design concepts of interest.
The potential to locate transversal relations by means of the methods, terms and theories included in this thesis where located. This with an additive possibility for further enhancement of media product forms.
Publication date30 Oct 2013
Number of pages58
ID: 81319518