Towards a new regional perspective

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Camilla Hornshøj Wolder
  • Fredrik Busk
  • Anna Nurup
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The Master’s Thesis ’Towards a new regional perspective - The case of Limfjordregionen’ concerns an investigation of spatial planning in Denmark focusing on a curiosity towards the regional level between the levels of statutory planning and across geographically defined territories. In a world of ever increasing urbanisation, a multitude of challenges are surpassing the bounds of the urban fabric, calling for solutions that look beyond borders, as countries will have to account for the open land, depopulation, climate adaptation, and increasing sea level rise. In the context of Denmark, the structural reform in 2007 has left a disfigured image of the regions that today remain with little to no directive or planning power. This thesis argues that unsolved potentials are to be found within this gap, and aims to formulate a new regional perspective through the case of Limfjorden and its surrounding area in the northern part of Jylland, which in the thesis will be denoted as Limfjordslandet within Limfjordsregionen. In doing so, the thesis, from both an analytical and theoretical framework, puts forward a coastland strategy that comprises findings from literature studies, interviews, case studies and a selection of site analyses. Throughout the strategy, this thesis states its main argument: that regions should not only be planned, but also designs and furthermore that the designing should include spatial imaginaries of potential futures of common narratives to meet the before mentioned challenges.
Publication date2023
Number of pages226
ID: 530218416