• Mads Smed Enggaard Thomassen
  • Kaare Holland Hattel
  • Kasper Stenholt Winkler
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis continues upon the work of \cite{9sem2022} by investigating usage categories related to the guiding features in Digital Essence, their influence on dangling information, and if dangling information affects inquiry. Using Principal Component Analysis and Clustering, we identified and classified four usage categories associated with the guiding features. These categories range from documentation to reflective usage. Focus group interviews revealed that the \textit{CRUD} and \textit{Interconnected CRUD} categories impact dangling information through an implicit and explicit approach. Focus group interviews further revealed that the groups experienced an improvement in their inquiry by identifying dangling information. Our findings contribute to digital versions of the visual inquiry tools by making the model ontology more explicitly available for the users, thus improving the internal consistency of a project.
Publication date19 Jun 2023
Number of pages74
ID: 533437593