• Danny Troest Petersen
4. term, Transport Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the policy plans and visions that have an affect the railroad in North Jutland, from 2000 onwards. The initiatives and visions include new signaling system, increased speed, railconnection to Aalborg Airport, electrification, and new timetable focusing in the regional raillines. The first part of the project will also look at constraints of North Jutland, including:
• Rail blocksections
• Signaling system
• The railtrack
• Rolling stock
• Electrification
• The rail bridge over Limfjorden
• Operating speed.
It is estimated that electrification can wait until 2030, as Nordjyske Railways purchased new dieseltrains in 2005 and 2017. Furtermore, it is estimated that the trains have a lifespan between 20 – 30 years. The plan for the electrification of North Jutland is not sufficient and should include Skagensbanen and Hirtshals, if Nordjyske Jernbaner is wanted to continue to operate the railway down to Skørping after 2030.
The second part of the project deals with the issues associated with a rail connection to Aalborg Airport. The project has investigated the need for a doublerailway track over Limfjorden instead of a singlerailway track. It is concluded that there is no need for expension of the railway bridge over the Limfjorden, because the current capacity is sufficient now and in the future. It will be possible with K13 timetable to align two trains to Aalborg Airport and two trains to Vendsyssel. It is calculated that atleast three trains is needed in 2025, in order to obtain a sufficient amounts of seats for all passengers. However, it is not possible to operater with three trains in Vendsyssel with the current infrastructure. The reason is the current infrastructure north of Lindholm dosen’t fit a 20 min operation schedule. The solution can either be an upgrade to 200 km/h or build new crossings between Brønderselv and Vrå and extend the double track at Sulsted.
Publication date7 Jun 2016
Number of pages127
ID: 234901441