TileShifter: A Peer-2-Peer Multiplayer Game for Smartphones

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jais Heslegrave
  • Thomas Justesen
2. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
Most people have tried to be bored, while waiting for something, whether it is a bus or a person late for a meeting.

Since Smartphones began taking over the mobile phone market, more and more people tend to use their Smartphones to fill periods of boredom, with either business - such as reading and responding to mail, or with entertainment - such as games.
Due to the rapidly expanding market of Smartphones and the increase in number of interested consumers, more and more apps for Smartphones are developed. It does, however, seem that in the area of games, very few apps support multiplayer, especially for larger groups of people.

TileShifter is the product of this project, and is an attempt at developing an action-packed, scalable, Peer-2-Peer multiplayer game. The aim is to prove that, although the resources on mobile phones are low, Smartphones are at a stage, where scalable multiplayer is possible. The solution for TileShifter is to introduce a custom set of algorithms, which correlates well with the game design and a virtual world of tiles.
Publication date29 Jul 2011
Number of pages77


ID: 54792810