• Noussi Francine Matchop
The world trade in second-hand clothing has grown tremendously, with sales now exceeding $ 1 billion per year. In the context of Cameroon, the purchase of second-hand clothes is no longer reserved for the poor. Because it fulfills the clothing needs of people from all stratum of the society depending on occasions and contexts. Young adults in Cameroon have developed skills to simply mix and match goods to suit their personal preferences.
This study attempts to move the conversation from the current economic view under which second-hand clothes consumption is being treated by scholars, to a more consumer centered view. To find out how young adults perceive and practice this form of consumption. That is, this study had as objective to contribute to the understanding of the motivation and barriers towards second-hand clothes consumption practice by young adults in Cameroon. This study is using a qualitative research method to explore these motivations among second-hand consumers in Yaoundé, Douala and Garoua in Cameroon. The data was gathered through in-depth interviews with consumers of second-hand clothes. the elements of the social practice theory of Elizabeth Shove were used to give meaning to the findings and to understand the drivers behind second-hand clothes consumption by young adults in Cameroon. It was revealed that there are various drivers of motivation for second-hand clothes consumption. Empirical findings from this study demonstrate that although second-hand clothes are sometimes offered at lower prices, or at the same price, buying a garment that is certainly already worn but ultimately of better quality is perceived as more interesting by consumers. Moreover, consumers go for second-hand apparels to complement their wardrobes as the ability to stand out by owning a unique piece will certainly give character to his / her owner.

Keywords: Second-hand clothing (SHC), social practice theory, young adults, motivations, barriers, Cameroon.
Publication date14 Sept 2021
Number of pages74
ID: 445106886