• Helena Lund Ibsen
4. term, English, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis takes its point of departure in the controversy surrounding the HBO television series True Detective. Utilising the theoretical framework of feminism and masculinity studies as well as the concept of hegemonic masculinity and television studies, this thesis sets out to analyse True Detective’s representation and negotiation of masculinity and whether it is supportive of the normative gender regime. This is done by examining the male/female relationships of the series focusing on how the male characters view and treat females, as well as, the series’ attempt at breaking with the normative masculinity of the TV crime genre. Furthermore, this thesis analyses the inter- masculine relationships and how men of less-valued masculinities are represented in the series, the positive potential of male bonding and the complexities of male power. The thesis concludes that while True Detective does follow many of the tropes of the genre which are situated as supportive of hegemonic masculinity, and thus the subordination of women and other masculinities, it also verbalises and problematises issues regarding both gender, sexual, and racial identities. Thus, it does not merely celebrate dated ideals of masculinity but rather portrays men who are troubled by attempting to fulfil these expectations of manhood.
Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages79
ID: 333384224