• Sidsel Abrahamsen
  • Dimitra Hadji-Popovski
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This project is a lighting design proposal for the urban renovation of Gadehavegård done by Arkitema. Gadehavegård is a socially deprived housing area in Høje Tåstrup and with the urban renovation it is the intention to change this. As a part of the urban renovation Arkitema is establishing a new street with mixed mobility through the neighborhood that should give Gadehavegård some of the flow from the surrounding city and create a more extroverted neighborhood. This is the street we are designing light for.
With the lighting design we aim to strengthen the street during the dark hours providing it with a recognizable character. Furthermore it is the aim to increase the perceived safety and the feeling of community on the street. Through the analysis of the street we found that the light from the windows of the surrounding buildings has the effect of increasing the feeling of safety and community because the lived life is visible in the image of the city, in our design we try to amplify this notion on the street.
We have created a lighting design that increases this effect of the window. This is done through two elements. First by introducing projected dynamic light windows onto the ground and second leaving the facades of the buildings to be dark making it possible for the light from the windows to become very noticeable in the image of the street.
This creates an innovative lighting design solution where the street light is used for making an impact on the social housing areas, and strengthening the community on and around the street.
Publication date28 May 2021
Number of pages76
ID: 413119482