The Velvet Cloud - Infinite Sustain and Reverberation using velvet noise

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Carmen Muñoz Lázaro
3. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
In this project two digital audio effect plugins (VSTs) are proposed to simulate an automatic infinity sustain and reverb respectively. Sustain audio effect algorithm is based on convolution with velvet noise. For reverberation, a Modulated Velvet Feedback Delay Network implementation will be used. The use of velvet noise enhances reverberation with a quick built of early reflections in comparison with standard Feedback Delay Networks. The Modulation approach produces interesting deep/psychedelic sounds which model unreal spaces. Both VSTs are thought to work together allowing the user to place them in her/his favourite configuration (e.g. Sustain in series with reverberation). A technical evaluation (impulse response, White Gaussian Noise response and T60 times) is performed regarding the different possible combinations of plugins. Also, a Two Alternative Forced Choice test and a survey about the VST performance are carried out for a more subjective sound and plugin evaluation. Results are that The Velvet Cloud plugins are unique, achieve a deep, psychedelic reverberation with microvariations thanks to modulation with a background infinity sustain over musicians can play melodies on top.
Publication date18 Dec 2020
Number of pages125


ID: 395051360