• Cecilie Brandt Nielsen
  • Lea Skov Andersen
  • Catrine Neddergaard Helleberg
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This Master Thesis outlines the Transformation of Haus der Statistik a 6905,6m2 complex building located in Berlin Mitte near Alexanderplatz. The main motivation behind developing this Thesis was to form a proposal based on the given competition material, published by Werkstatt, Haus der Statistik. The holistic approach in this Thesis has allowed creating architecture that pushes the boundaries within the traditional way of perceiving buildings, resulting in creating a City within the Building. Where Berlin’s flow is extended into the building, acting as the foundation and backbone for the translation of the city. Furthermore, the Thesis addresses how Haus der Statistik was built by the GDR with aspirations to create a utopia, uniform architecture manifested an ideology that valued standardization. The re-invention and transformation of the concrete complex aim to showcase how the basis of structure can be perceived as the contemporary vision, hosting complexity, creativity, and enforcing the new diverse Berlin.
Publication date9 Jun 2022
Number of pages211


Visualisation of Haus der Statistik, seen from the corner of Otto-Braun-Strasse
ID: 471031710