• Mitchell John Evans
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
Why are tourists using Tinder, and who is ’Tinder tourist’? Drawing on the theoretical framework of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (1943) as well as Driver, Brown and Peterson’s categorisation of benefits sought (1991) this thesis explores the motivational field of tourists using Tinder in Copenhagen. Tinder is a global dating application, which is being used by tourists for a variety of reasons. To understand these reasons, the thesis approaches the field through a qualitative study, employing methods of netnography and qualitative face-to-face interviews. Through this approach and theoretical perspective the thesis draws out a map of a complex and manifold motivational field. It concludes that while tourists seek belongingness and love through their use of Tinder, they further make use of the application in a search for localness and self-actualisation. Most importantly the thesis argues that Tinder with its capacity of creating connections and expanding social networks is influencing, what is means to be a tourist in today’s society.
Publication date29 Feb 2016
Number of pages46


ID: 228993832