• Marta Grasso
  • Anubhavi Tiwari
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The report is the documentation of Master’s thesis at Aalborg University conducted by Anubhavi Tiwari and Marta Grasso.
The focus of the thesis is to analyse stress alleviation as much as natural materials used in architecture under numerous factors; primarily the psychological and sustainable impact. The solution from the analysis is implemented in the evidence based research of a stress alleviating workplace.
The report provides a design solution in the form of a workplace at Nørresundby, Denmark; as a culmination to the research findings on natural materials. The design also addresses the well being of its users in providing a conducive stress alleviating workplace design. A recreational space acts as an adhesive for the cohesion of workplace and the urban fabric. With functions such as workshop, showrooms, meeting rooms, common area, the design of the workspace is based on research on stress alleviation.
The report sequentially discloses the design process and its iterative progress on the research and scientific evidence.
Publication date23 May 2019
Number of pages167


The report with process, presentation and visualizations
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