• Anna Sophie Johansen
This master thesis explores different social constructions to the discourse of authentic food. More specifically, with point of departure in scientific articles as empirical data, gathered from five prominent and broad scientific databases, representing the angle of social science as well as the publication years of 1990 to 2016, this master thesis conceivably approaches and defines the concept and phenomenon of authenticity, proposing an understanding of authenticity as either nostalgia or innovation. Furthermore, with the appliance of Foucauldian critical discourse analysis to the empirical data, this master thesis also categorize the discourse of authentic food into discourses of identity and food, local food, national food and global food, constituting a discursive framework through which the discourse of authentic food can be explored in different scales where different contexts give substance and meaning to these different discourses. From the empirical data and the Foucauldian critical discourse analysis applied to it, discourses of local food and global food are appointed as superior discourses with the strongest relations of power.
Publication date2 Jun 2016
Number of pages201
ID: 234563066